4-segment Ring Light is divided into 4 quadrants. Brightness in each area can be adjusted independently or synchronously. The crushing and scratches that are usually difficult to detect can be illuminated by different quadrant, allowing the object to present a contrasting image. Diffuser plate is optional, and with the plate, it can effectively reduce interference of reflected light. This series can be applied in PCB board alignment, IC parts text printing, wafer/ glass substrate scratch and stains, and plastic container appearance inspection.

1.Can control four lighting areas individually or control all area at the same time.
2.Choose the four different section as user want.
3.Inspection of scratches and surface defects detection.
4.Diffusion Board can be provided to reduce high reflective interference.

Major Applications:

1.Positioning for substrates and printed boards, inspection for chip components

2.Liquid crystal adjustment. plastic container inspection

3.IC impress inspection

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