Learn how 3AM high-power coaxial lights for machine vision deliver clear imaging, improved object detection, and reliable surface defect inspection.

Enhance Imaging Precision - Using High Power Coaxial Lights for Crystal Clear Object Outlines and Enhanced Detection

High-directivity and intensity coaxial lights are precisely aligned with CCD cameras, emitting highly directive light for optimal imaging. These high power coaxial lights feature window mirrors with high-precision coating on optical glass, enhancing light transmittance while reducing reflections. Thinner beam splitters effectively minimize ghosting, improving resolution and supporting high-resolution cameras.

The highly directive optical film significantly enhances candela output, ensuring clear object outlines and reducing the risk of misjudgment due to blurred grayscale gradients. With HI-POWER LEDs, these high power coaxial lightings offer three times the illumination power of conventional coaxial lights.

For high-reflective objects, this series of high power LED coaxial light excels at capturing appearance defects and providing clear shape visualization for dimensional measurements. It finds applications in surface defect detection, dimensional measurement, panel screen barcode scanning, liquid crystal code reading, and glass target alignment.


  1. HI-POWER LED technology provides illumination three times stronger than conventional coaxial lights.
  2. Window mirror design increases light transmittance and reduces reflections.
  3. Thinner beam splitters minimize ghosting, improve resolution, and support high-resolution cameras.
  4. Equipped with high-directivity optical mode to suppress light diffusion.
  5. Enhanced brightness with high-directivity optical film.
  6. Ideal for testing objects with highly reflective mirror characteristics.
  7. Eliminates blurred grayscale gradients that can affect accuracy.
  8. Effective surface reflection suppression for clear imaging without surface damage.
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