About 3AM

3AMechatronic was established in 2002 and has “3AM” as its trademark. We have a professional R&D team and efficient production lines for LED lights, LED dimmers and related products. Technological innovation and high-quality products are the aims of 3AM. It is our objective to provide our customers with the best products, service and technical support. Our customers include many automation systems and machine vision systems manufactures.

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We are good at customizing your lighting

We offer ODM services If our customers cannot find the suitable lighting. We will listen to your requirements and create the best lighting for you.
Please feel free to contact us if you require further information. Thank you.

Specifications include:
  • Emitting surface
  • Dimension
  • Length, width and height
  • Type of lighting
  • Angle of inclination
  • Brightness
  • Uniformity
  • Wavelength
  • Color temperature
  • Color rendering
  • Mounting position
  • Securing method
  • Wire outlet
  • Cable length
  • Connector type

Solutions & Applications

Robotic Arm
Electronic IC
Hardware Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing
3C Products
Printed Circuit Board
Automobile and Motorcycle
Cleaning Preparation
Electronic Parts
Battery Module
Machinery Parts


Industrial Machine Vision Inspection Lighting

3AM’s unique design with good heat dissipation and the normal temperature lower than 50°C, keeps the visible light products with light recession under 20% and more than 85% of its initial brightness within one year from the date of delivery and provide a two years product warranty.

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In response to the different lighting applications, 3AM develops a variety of power dimmers with different output types, such as, voltage control, PWM control, current control and strobe control.

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