UV Lights use HI-POWER UV LED and excites ink materials and UV glue to produce a fluorescent reaction to detect whether the material is coated. With UV light scattering feature, the scratch and small dark cracks can be detected. Standard UV product wavelength is 365, 395, 405nm. 375 and 385nm can be customized. This series can be applied in the detection whether UV glue is coated, whether UV is evenly coated, and invisible ink code reading.

1.Design with HI-POWER UV LED and do the inspection through UV light.
2.Inspection of scratches and dark surfaces through UV light.
3.The standard wavelength are 365nm, 395nm, 405nm, 375nm and 385nm.
4.The light can be customized. 

Major Applications:
1.Photography use in the difference in the scattering rate
2.Use with a CCD camera supporting the ultraviolet ray range
3.Detection of dirt on glass substrates and dust on CCD devices
4.Scan the image of the QR Code
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