Explore LED spotlights that illuminate with precision for enhanced visual inspections and dimensional measurements in various applications.

The Power of LED Spotlights in Visual Inspection and Dimensional Measurements

Spot Light can be effectively utilized in conjunction with Telecentric Lenses. Specially designed LED spotlights emit high-intensity light, with the HLV2-6040 series being 5 times brighter than the HLV series. This enhanced brightness enables clear shape visualization for alignment checks and dimensional measurements, particularly for high-reflective objects. The spotlight illumination series finds wide applications in surface defect detection, dimensional measurement, panel screen barcode scanning, and glass target alignment.

Key Features:

  1. Utilizes light guides to maximize spot luminance for improved collection optics.
  2. Compatible with macro lenses for precise inspection.
  3. Ideal for positioning fit inspection, reflective object inspection, and inspection of small objects.
  4. HLV2-6040 series spotlight illumination offers a 5 times greater brightness than the HLV series LED spotlight.

Major Applications:

  1. Coaxial lighting for highly reflective surfaces, including wafers, metal surfaces, liquid-crystal displays, and glass materials.
  2. Can be easily mounted on movable modules for flexible integration.
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