Shadowless Ring Lights with the diffusion plate emit evenly diffused light in the thin arc emitting surface, to achieve the biggest effect of ring shadowless illumination. Shadowless Ring Lights have more even and uniform light than Ring Lights do. For high-reflective object, this series can completely show the appearance defection. This series can be applied in PCB components, metal surfaces dents, mouth chipping of glass bottle, and printing.


1.Ability to evenly diffused lighting on shiny objects with the diffusion plate. Best for preventing the halo effect.
2.Provide higher uniformity than conventional lights.
3.Inspection of uneven surfaces and reflective materials.

Major Applications:
1.IC wafer inspection & substrate part inspection
2.Inspection from the side and to emerge from internal surfaces of object for stain
3.Visual inspection of wafers
4.Solder inspection & connector pitch inspection

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