The direction of Angle Coaxial Lights is same with CCD, which emits the highly-directive light. Firstly, window mirror with high-precision coating optical glass, not only increases light transmittance but also reduces the reflection. Secondly, thinner beam splitters reduces ghosting and enhances resolution to high-resolution cameras. For high-reflective objects, Angle Coaxial Lights can completely show the appearance defection. This series can be applied in surface defect detection, dents on metal surfaces, panel screen code, and glass target alignment.

1.High-precision optical glass will increase the light transmittance and resolution. 
2.Prevent ghost images and reflected light. 
3.Allow high-resolution imaging.
4.Inspection of reflective materials.

Major Applications:
1.Inspection of highly reflective surfaces, such as wafers, metal surfaces, film, liquid crystals and glass.
2.Imprint check.
3.Inspection of pattern of printed boards.
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