LED UV irradiation Curing Device has small volume and lightweight design and can emit high-energy UV light instantly. The wavelength of 365nm can be used for curing of UV glue, and 385nm can be used for curing ink. No radiant heat, green energy, and cut down the environment load. External I/O controlled(on/off) can be applied manually or with automated production lines. Special dimmer with user-friendly design of panel interface can shorten the time for personnel to learn and operate. Multi-point irradiation can be synchronized to accelerate curing. This series can be applied in ink curing of electronic component printing and high-precision colloid curing of precision machining parts.

1.Small volume and lightweight design. 
2.Provide high power ultraviolet light instantaneously without preheat to shorten working hours.
3.No thermal radiation. Green energy reduce environmental burden.
4.Wavelength 365nm is for glue drying and wavelength 385nm is for ink drying.
5.Ideal for fully automated production lines.
6.Reduce lamp replacement working hours and costs.
7.Friendly interface is designed to reduce the training time of operator.

Major Applications:
1. Electronic Industry
2. Glass Industry
3. Optics & Photonics Industry
4. Pharmaceutical Industry
5. Sophisticated Processing

Practical Applications:
1. High-quality Hardening(Drying) of Ink
2. High-accuracy Adhesion
3. Simultaneous Multipoint Adhesion
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