LED Strobe Power Dimmer series use the overdrive function to great increase the voltage and current values passing through the light in an instant, bursting out 3-5 times the luminous candela in an instant. Each channel can provide up to 2A (continuous use)/10A (instantaneous use). External control can be driven through two communication protocol (RS232 & Ethernet) Based on the number of lights used, 2 and 4 channel models can be selected.

1. The LED light can be overdrived. 4 times brighter than constant intensity light source.
2. 1CH / 2CH / 4CH available.
3. The output type are RS-232 and Ethernet.
4. The maximum output for each channel is 2A(Continuous) / 10A(Pulsed).
5. The output type is on/off control, and the assigned pulse width can strobe the light.
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