Backlights emit uniformly light with thin panel. This series is in the modules of 30*30mm and 45*45mm. Multiple models can satisfy customer’s needs. Over 222 models, backlights is perfect for dimensional measurement and edge detection. This series can be applied in machinery parts, scratch of panel screen, edge, contact lens defection, pins of the chip inspection. 

1.Ability to diffuse light evenly.
2.Made with 30mm*30mm & 45mm*45mm modules.
3.Provide 222 types of models to meet customers' needs.
4.Inspection of dimensional measurement and edge detection.

Major Applications:
1.Exterior visual inspection for electronic parts
2.Lead frame inspection
3.Inspection of transparent object fro stain and other particles
4.Omnigenous outline observations
5.Inspection in bend lead for GFPS, QSPs, and SOPs

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