Microscope Lights can be applied with microscopes. Lighting is divided into 4 quadrants. Brightness in each quadrant can be adjusted independently or synchronously. Lightweight designs have a built-in high-resolution dimmer. Life time of LED exceeds 30,000 hours. It does not generate heat or flicker It can completely replace the fluorescent and halogen lamps. Diffuser plate is optional, and with the plate, it can effectively reduce interference of reflected light. Color temperature of LED white light can be customized. This series can be applied in optoelectronics industry, medical technology industry, semiconductor or liquid crystal display industry, and measurement industry. 
1. Compatible with microscopes
2. Can control four lighting areas individually or control all areas at the same time.
3. Choose the four different section as the user want.
4. Compact size, LED lighting, and high-resolution built-in dimmer are all in one.
5. Lifetime is over 30,000hrs, non-heating, non-flickering, can replace fluorescent and halogen.
6. Diffusion Board can be provided to reduce high reflective interference.
7. Color temperature can be customized.

Major Applications:
1. Electronic Industry
2. Pharmaceutical Industry
3. Semi-conductor / TFT industry
4. Measurement equipment
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