Linear Lights uses the air-cooling to dissipate heat, and special concentrating design suppresses the light diffusion. This series is in the modules of 100mm. Maximum length of standard reaches 4000mm. Diffuser plate is optional. Surface scratch defect detection and dimensional measurement is suggested. This series can be applied in wafer, metal surface, thin films surface, panel screen surface, etc.

1. Air cooling method. Designed to prevent diffused light.
2. Made with 200mm & 300mm modules.
3. Orders of customizing machine vision linear lighting are accepted. Light emitting surface length up to 1000mm.
4. Diffusion plates are available. Can be used as a backlight.
5. Inspection of scratches detection and uneven surfaces.

Major Applications:
Coaxial lighting for highly reflective surfaces, such as wafers, metal surfaces, liquid-crystal and glass adjustment
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