The critical point of purchasing LED parts is that each batch of order contains about 3% or more of the defects ratio. To prevent any defects, all parts are passed through the 3AM LED selecting system and about 50%~70% of the final disqualified parts are eliminated. In order to maintain the highest product quality, 3AM insists to keep this error-free operating process which keeps 3AM capable to offer the best products quality to our customers.

 All 3AM products have obtained the CE and RoHS certifications, and became the first AOI light source company in Taiwan to pass the ISO9001 quality certification in 2014. So far, the defective rate during the warranty period of 3AM products is within 0.4% when operate under the non-artificial circumstances.

All products ship from 3AM have to pass 72 hours burning test. 3AM burning test has divided into 2 sections. First, the WIP parts are burned for 48 hours to ensure the defective products are eliminated. After that, the complete vibration test is processed before final assembly and keep them for another 24 hours of burning test before shipment. The product test record will be filing after shipment which is traceable whenever 3AM or our customers need.

3AM is a leading AOI illumination manufacturer in Taiwan, currently we plan for regional overseas market development and you are welcomed either for distributes 3AM LED lighting products or project-based discussion.

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