Parallel Lights in a special optical design irradiate long-distance and high-parallel light, which can suppress the light diffusion to achieve a high-precision imaging. Parallel Lights make outline of object sharpness, and there will be no blurred grayscale gradients that cause misjudgment of accuracy. It is suitable for high-precision dimensional measurement. This series can be applied in automotive components, electronic parts, pill, Connector Pin Clearance, and precision screw pitch.

1.Parallel lighting.
2.High precise performance on inspection.
3.Improving lighting diffusion, ideal for outline inspection.
4.Wide range WD, best choice for long distance inspection.
5.Inspection of high accuracy dimensional measurement.

Major Applications:
1.Applied to slight defect detection
2.Motor parts, electronic components or pill packing
3.Gap inspection of soldering tin and connector

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