Triple Color Lights enable to emit 3 lighting colors, RGB, independently. Based on the demands, the light mixed with RGB, like pink, light blue, and yellow is easy to adjust. It saves working hours replacing other lights. This series can be applied in BGA solder balls alignment check, section inspection, wafer, scratch and stains on glass substrates, laser graving reading, edge defection detection, and medicine displacement. 

1.360° shadow-free illumination.
2.It enables dimming each color independently. The light colors are red, green and blue.
3.Adjust the lighting color for different inspection.
4.The RGB light can provide the good illumination.
5.Reduce lamp replacement working hours and costs.
6.Can be used for the laboratory.

Major Applications:
1.BGA solder ball position, shape and area in inspection
2.Inspection of wafers or glass substrates for scratches and stain
3.Reading laser engraving
4.Edge detection and defect inspection
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