Model No. Format Focal Length F No. Working Distance Weight
V0828-MPY2 1.1" 8mm F2.8-F16 0.2m-Inf. 157g
V1228-MPY2 12mm 0.3m-Inf. 97g
V1628-MPY2 16mm 0.3m-Inf. 89g
V2528-MPY 25mm 0.3m-Inf. 78g
V3528-MPY 35mm 0.3m-Inf. 103g
V5028-MPY 50mm 0.5m-Inf. 107g

◆  Ultra-high-resolution lens, which is suitable for 1.1", 24 megapixel sensor
◆  Enlarged image circle up to ø17.6mm (1.1" sensor)
◆  The most compact, lightweight lens design on the machine vision market
◆  Floating design achieves an ultra-high-resolution from near focus to infinity

◆  Vibration resistance up to 5G
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