We offer ODM services If our customers cannot find the suitable lighting.
We will listen to your requirements and create the best lighting for you.

Specifications include:
◆Emitting surface ◆Dimension ◆Length, width and height 
Type of lighting◆Angle of inclination ◆Brightness

◆Wavelength ◆Color temperature

◆Color rendering◆Mounting position ◆Securing method

◆Wire outlet◆Cable length ◆Connector type
Please feel free to contact us if you require further information. Thank you.

We have a professional R & D team with more than 20 years of experience that can provide the customers with professional experience and let them obtain satisfactory solutions.
To meet all customer requests, we are able to provide our customers with appropriate solutions, from the on-site environment, demand analysis, design evaluation, small volume sample testing, to the specification confirmation, and etc.
LED chips are ordered from famous foreign manufacturers, it’s unnecessary to worry about the light decay in short term.

Service Workflow
Service Workflow
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