Bar lights (also oblique line lights) provide flexible bright or dark field illumination. 3AM machine vision bar lights for precise lighting control and diverse applications in quality inspection and object identification.

Machine Vision Bar Lights for Precise Lighting Control and A Variety of Applications

Light direction and angle are adjustable for machine vision bar lights and oblique lights, making them versatile lighting solutions for various applications. These LED bar lights are particularly suitable for large-area lighting requirements. Customizable lengths and the ability to assemble lights in different shapes, such as rectangular and square, allow for flexible application in complex situations. Additionally, for highly reflective objects, an optional diffuser plate can be used to distribute the light evenly.

3AM bar lights for machine vision inspection can be applied in a range of industries, including BGA solder ball positioning, glass scratch inspection, laser engraving, and medicine misplacement detection.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable light direction and angle for precise lighting control.
  2. Customizable lights with a maximum standard length of 510mm.
  3. Versatile design options, including different bar, linear, or oblique light configurations, to meet specific requirements.

Major Applications:

  1. LED defect inspection and quality control.
  2. Identification of multiple shapes for diverse objects.
  3. Crack inspection of fabrication substrates and surface inspection of metal boards.
  4. Size measurement and shape identification for electronic parts.
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