Discover our machine vision highly directional backlight, offering exceptional illumination and versatile applications for precise measurements and defect detection across various industries.

Enhance Inspection Accuracy with 3AM Highly Directional Backlights

High-directivity backlights are designed to emit uniformly distributed light with a thin panel incorporating high-directivity optical film. 3AM high directional backlight offers modules in sizes of 30 x 30mm, with over 50 models available to meet various customer needs. These machine vision directional backlights are ideal for applications such as dimensional measurement and edge detection. They find applications in industries such as machinery parts inspection, panel screen scratch detection, edge defect detection, contact lens inspection, and chip pin inspection.

Key Features:

  1. Equipped with high-directivity optical mode to suppress light diffusion and achieve precise illumination.
  2. Utilizes high-directivity optical film to significantly enhance brightness, enabling high-speed detection.
  3. Suitable for dimensional measurement applications.


  1. Exterior visual inspection for electronic parts.
  2. Lead frame inspection.
  3. Inspection of transparent objects for stains and other particles.
  4. Omnidirectional outline observations.
  5. Bend lead inspection for GFPS, QSPs, and SOPs.
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