High Directivity Square Lights emit highly-directive square light with hollow design in the direction of CCD. Highly directive square light makes the outline of object clear. It reduces the possibility of misjudgment caused by blurred grayscale gradients. This series is suitable for wide range and big size object. This series can be applied in Robotics arm, spot welding of vehicle components, assembly, and wafer placement.

1. High uniformity.
2. Suppresses diffused light and achieves highly-directional lighting.
3. Improves curve edge detection.
4. The light from LED is illuminated on the same axis as the camera axis.
5. Compare to the previous generation, the illuminance is 2 times better.

6. Provides a wide illumination range.

Major Applications:
1. Robots, ex: motor parts spot welding, placing wafer.
2. Multiple outline inspection.
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