Multi Angle Ring Lights provides 360° shadow free illumination, three different angles, 30°,60°, & 90°. The light source is 8-layer rings of LED and each layer can be controlled individually, and it saves the working hours replacing lights. This series can be applied in panel calilbration, IC parts text printing, appearance of plastic containers, and screw crack detection.
1.360° shadow-free illumination.
2.Three different angles which are 30°, 60° & 90°.
3.The ring light for each eight angle can be controlled individually.
4.Easily to adjust and control each different angle according to the inspection requirement.
5.Reduce lamp replacement working hours and costs.
6.Can be used for the laboratory.
7.The light can be customized. 

Major Applications:
1.Liquid crystal adjustment, and plastic container inspection
2.IC impress inspection
3.Identify for multiple shapes
4.Identify size measurement and shape for electronic parts
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