Robotic Lights is assembled with Ring Lights and Square Oblique Lights to form an integrated light source and solve thew problems of four-corner and edge shadow. It can be installed on the Robotic Arm. This series can be applied in PCB board alignment, defective LED chip, metal surface, scratches on the surface of chassis, and picking and placing materials by robotic arms.

1.Applied with the robotic arms for inspection.
2.Can be set up on the robotic arms for inspection.
3.360° shadow-free illumination in high-luminance LEDs deployed at high density.
4.The light can be customized. 

Major Applications:
1.Positioning for substrates and printed boards, inspection for chip components
2.Fabrication substrates crack inspection, metal board surface inspection
3.Identify for multiple shapes
4.Identify size measurement and shape for electronic parts
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