Discover 3AM RGB LED spotlights for machine vision and use them to unlock precision and versatility for enhanced inspections.

Versatile and Precise RGB LED Spotlights for Enhanced Inspections

RGB LED multi color spotlight is a versatile lighting solution that can be applied in conjunction with a Telecentric Lens. This special design emits high-intensity spotlights and allows for independent dimming of each color. By leveraging the RGB capability, illumination colors such as yellow, light blue, and pink can be easily mixed. This not only saves valuable working hours spent on changing lights but also reduces costs associated with machine light replacements. 3AM RGB LED multi spotlight finds applications in surface defect detection, dimensional measurement, dents on metal surfaces, panel screen coding, and glass target alignment.

Key Features:

  1. Compatible with Telecentric Lenses, enhancing inspection capabilities.
  2. Adjustable lighting color to suit different inspection needs.
  3. Reduces working hours and costs associated with lamp replacements.
  4. Independent dimming capability for each color, ensuring optimal illumination with RGB multi color spotlights.

Major Applications:

  1. Coaxial lighting for highly reflective surfaces, including wafers, metal surfaces, liquid-crystal, and glass materials.
  2. Suitable for integration with movable modules.
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